SLTT/SLTTN - Series > Self Laminating Tags

Self adhesive tear-resistent synthetic tag with protective laminate flap to protect information recorded. Supplied in packs of 100 with marking pen. Suitable for indoor and office use. Also available as a barcode tag.

SLTT-1 Red Dec-Feb
SLTT-2 Green March-May
SLTT-3 Blue June-Aug
SLTT-4 Yellow Sept-Nov
SLTT-5 Orange 6 Monthly Jan-June
SLTT-6 White 6 Monthly July-Dec
SLTT-7 Black Yearly
SLTT-8 Burgundy 5 Yearly
SLTT-R Rainbow 25 each of red, green, blue, yellow

SLTTN-2 Blue Feb/Jul
SLTTN-3 Orange Mar/Nov
SLTTN-4 Green Apr/Aug
SLTTN-5 White May/Dec
SLTTN-6 Yellow Jun/Oct
SLTTN-R Rainbow 17 each of above colours
SLTTN-7 Black (no legend)

HDTM/HDTMN - Series > Extra heavy duty Tags

Heavy Duty tag using the highest quality adhesive. Suitable for use in all environments. Also available as a barcode tag.

HDTM-1 Red Dec-Feb
HDTM-2 Green March-May
HDTM-3 Blue June-Aug
HDTM-4 Yellow Sept-Nov
HDTM-5 Orange 6 Monthly Jan-June
HDTM-6 White 6 Monthly July-Dec
HDTM-7 Black Yearly
HDTM-8 Burgundy 5 Yearly
HDTM-R Rainbow 25 each of red, green, blue, yellow

HDTMN-2 Blue Feb/Jul
HDTMN-3 Orange Mar/Nov
HDTMN-4 Green Apr/Aug
HDTMN-5 White May/Dec
HDTMN-6 Yellow Jun/Oct
HDTMN-R Rainbow 17 each of above colours
HDTMN-7 Black (no legend)

CBTA/CBTN - Series > Original cricket bat Tag with security clip

The leading test tag for industrial and construction areas. This is an industrial quality tag complete with marking pen and security clips.

CBTA-1 Red Dec-Feb
CBTA-2 Green March-May
CBTA-3 Blue June-Aug
CBTA-4 Yellow Sept-Nov
CBTA-5 Orange 6 Monthly Jan-June
CBTA-6 White 6 Monthly July-Dec
CBTA-7 Black Yearly
CBTA-8 Burgundy 5 Yearly
CBTA-R Rainbow 25 each of red, green, blue, yellow

CBTN-2 Blue Feb/Jul
CBTN-3 Orange Mar/Nov
CBTN-4 Green Apr/Aug
CBTN-5 White May/Dec
CBTN-6 Yellow Jun/Oct
CBTN-R Rainbow 17 each of above colours
CBTN-7 Black (no legend)

Other Tags > Other tags for all applications

Catalogue No. PRO RCDTT
Catalogue No. PRO FT
Catalogue No. PRO ML
Catalogue No. PRO FAST

RCD Test Tags
Fail Tags
Microwave Leakage Tags
Out of Service Tags

Packs of 100.


Promark are proud to announce the launch of the New Economy Pack. Finally you can buy a bulk pack of 200 tags in a convenient resealable bag for everyday use. In these tough times, why not save money & buy in BULK. The tags have been designed for fast & easy use, they come as a fan fold for easy writing & have a unique “Easy Fold” cable locator.

  • Economy Pack
  • Buy Bulk & Save
  • Convenient 200 tag pack size
  • Compact Easy to Fold Tag with “Easy Bend” Cable locators
    in the centre of the tag
  • Self Laminating
  • Re-Sealable Packaging
  • Continuous Fan Fold for easy writing
  • Individually numbered for efficient record keeping
  • Tear Resistant
  • Australian Made & Owned

SLTM > Self Laminating HDTM

Promark has developed the ultimate Test Tag. Easy to Use, Easy to Apply & they won’t fall off. By combining a super strong adhesive with a thick & durable tear resistant PVC Promark has developed the ultimate Test Tags for all environments. With the new easy Bend Cable Locator, see how quick & easy it is to fold these tags on to a lead. Don’t waste time with flimsy hard to fold tags or hard to apply plastic clips, try these on your next job, you won’t look back.

  • The next generation in Test Tags
  • Small & Strong
  • Heavy Duty
  • Easiest Tag to Apply on the Market
  • Easy to fold and bend
  • Self Laminating for the ultimate protection of printed data
  • Suitable for all environments
  • Extra Strong Premium Adhesive for added durability
  • Australian Made & Owned

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